Is it spring yet? Bike riding with Thunder the Pit Bull

We are approaching April yet there is still a fair amount of snow and ice on the ground and the temperature is currently 20-something degrees out.  Can Spring just arrive already?  As many of you living in the northeast (of the US) know, this has been one crazy winter.  And even crazier for myself which involved getting hit by a car while riding my bike (and injuring my back pretty badly) and losing my best friend Atlas the greyhound.

We are hoping (with the warmer weather and new season arriving) that things will turn around (for the positive)!  As a lover of all things dog and cycling, I am hoping my back will allow me to get out and start hitting the trails and go for adventures with Thunder the pit bull.  Strangely enough, I have not combined these two loves but I am looking into purchasing a Houndabout (or something similar).  I’m just hoping that 1.) my back can handle it.  2.) Thunder takes to it and enjoys the rides! and 3.) the weather gets nice soon!

We live near excellent bike trails and only 10-15 miles away from the dog-friendly beach so we are stoked!  If you have any experience trailing your pup or using a trailer in general while cycling, I would love to hear from you on our Facebook account.

I’m also looking to deck-out the trailer for Thunder with some Feed the Breed accessories!  (I’ll have more info soon on some goodies that will be for sale on the web site that aren’t just shirts and hoodies!)  Once the bike and trailer are complete, I will post some updates with pictures and let you know how the rides go and what Thunder the pit bull thinks of it!

Would love to hear from you!


Buying one shirt buys rescue dogs 20 meals!

Did you know that for every shirt (or item) sold at Feed the Breed, you will be helping feed up to 20 rescue dogs (or if you want to look at it another way, you will be feeding one rescue dog for up to 20 meals!).  Here is one pit bull in particular who will benefit directly from your purchase(s).  Paxton comes from Providence Animal Rescue League in Providence, Rhode Island.  Lets hope that he finds a new permanent home before he eats up all those meals!

From Providence Animal Rescue League:

“Meet Paxton! At 2 years old, this boy has so much love to give. Paxton is a big, goofy, cuddler that will keep you smiling all day long. He can be a bit fearful when it comes to new things that he has never experienced before, so he will need a family that is able to be patient with him. Paxton would do well with older/dog savvy children, and another social dog (no cats, since he loves to chase). We’ve noticed that Paxton gets very nervous being left alone, which has resulted in some separation anxiety. To make sure his adoption is successful, he will go home with his very own crate as well as 3 private in home sessions with trainer Joyce Gauthier, CPDT-KA. We think this boy is very special and deserves a loving home, don’t you agree? Come meet Paxton today!”

What are you waiting for?  Buy a shirt from us and we will send the net profits to PARL and help feed Paxton and others just like him.  Win win for all!

“Where did you get that (pit bull) shirt?”

“Where did you get that pit bull shirt?!?!”

Not to toot my own horn but I can’t count how many times I get asked this question when wearing one of our Feed the Breed shirts.  I need to start carrying around business cards for the site or have a bunch of shirts packed up in my Feed the Breed backback each time Thunder the pit bull and I go for our nightly walks around the city. (If spring ever comes!)

And it’s not just me, I swear!  Countless customers/fans who post on our Instagram account constantly say the same thing to us!  We must be doing something right!  Haha.  So I ask you (our awesome fans who have purchased one (or more) of our pit bull (or other breed) shirts), have you been asked about your Feed the Breed shirts?  We love to hear feedback and want to know what others say to you when you wear our shirts.  Please post to us on our social media accounts using hashtag #feedthebreed.  We would also love to see you wearing your Feed the Breed shirt(s) along with your pups!


As always, thanks for the continued support and we love seeing your pictures of you in our Feed the Breed brand shirts as well as your awesome doggies!

Peace and love,


What is Feed the Breed and is it just for Pit Bull Lovers?

Today is March 15, 2015 and although it has been a crazy past 6 months for me, I wanted to start giving more time and energy to by redoing the shop and keeping an active blog (whether it’s updating new shirts and clothing for sale, telling you about new animal rescues and shelters that we care about and support, or just blabbing about what’s going on in our lives and little dog-related world).   So here is an update and introduction for those of you who are just learning about this site:

What is Feed the Breed all about?

Feed the Breed is a part-time hobby/job/mission that started back in 2013.  Feed the Breed sells tshirts, hoodies, and several other types of pit bull (and other breed) related men, women, and children’s clothing in addition to cool accessories such as mugs, phone and tablet covers, and much more.  (New items will be added to the shop daily).  Profits from every item sold go to animal rescues all over the United States.

Although the majority of rescues we deal with and dogs we see are pit bulls, this does not mean that is all we support or donate to!  We try to get involved with all rescues in any part of the country.

Want to know WHO Feed the Breed is?  Then check out this blog entry.

Peace & love,

Brandon, Thunder, and George

Donate to Providence Animal Rescue – We do!

It looks like Thunder the pit bull and I won’t be able to make it down to Providence Animal Rescue League this weekend due to this incredibly crappy winter here in New England.  But that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check up or read about our friends at PARL!

PARL is actually located in our home town/city of Providence, RI.  It’s the rescue where I rescued Thunder and I can’t say enough amazing things about them.  Hopefully next weekend the weather will be better for us to take a walk (or drive) down to PARL so that we can drop off our donation and take some pics of the dogs who are available for adoption.

As always, if you wish to contribute/donate, you can either donate directly to PARL or buy one (or more) of our Feed the Breed pit bull (or non-pit bull) shirts at!  The profits from each shirt/item sold feeds up to 20 rescue dogs like the handsome guy pictured above!

Here’s to hoping for warmer weather here in New England,

Brandon, Thunder, and George

Thunder the Pit Bull

Here is the VP of Operations here at Feed the Breed, Thunder the Pit Bull!  Thunder was rescued from Providence Animal Rescue League back in 2011.  His birthday is somewhere around November 2010 which as of March 2015, makes this handsome pit bull 4 years old.

Thunder is my first ever pit bull and in many ways is the inspiration behind Feed the Breed.  Too many pit bulls spend too much time in shelters and never get the opportunity to find a new loving home.  Feed the Breed started so that we could donate as much as we could to shelters and rescues in need so that we could do our small part to help.  Money raised goes to feeding dogs, helping with medical care, and just supporting these great rescues in general so that dogs all over the country can find new homes.

Thunder the Pit Bull thanks each and every one of you who has purchased a shirt from Feed the Breed as well as everyone who has spread the word either by mouth or on social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites!

I Love American Bulldogs Shirts

Our newest addition to the shop is from our “I Love” design featuring the American Bulldog.  A simple design but much needed for every lover of American bulldogs, the sale of this shirt (whether tee or hoodie or any other style that gets added to the store) will help feed at least 19 shelter/rescue dogs!

Check out the rescues that we donate to and see which dogs (some being American Bulldogs) will benefit from your purchase!  Feed the Breed donates profits from every item sold, not just one donation per order!  So if you buy 2 shirts, you’ll be happy knowing that one of our favorite rescues will be seeing double the donation!

The ‘I Love American Bulldogs’ shirts will make awesome gifts for friends or loved ones or how about picking up a tee or hoodie for yourself?  Your pup will love you back for it!

Providence Animal Rescue League

The Providence Animal Rescue League’s mission is to provide for the rescue and relief of suffering of homeless animals and perform charitable or benevolent acts for the welfare of animals. The League accomplishes its mission by providing appropriate shelter and humane care for homeless animals; reducing pet overpopulation through strict spay/neuter measures; seeking permanent, responsible homes for adoptable pets and providing a diversity of humane education programs to meet community needs


The Providence Animal Rescue League is a non-profit organization (501c3) serving communities throughout Rhode Island and beyond. They receive no federal or state funding and rely solely on donations from generous individuals, businesses and foundations to support their work to provide compassionate care, medical treatment and adoption services to more than 2000 animals each year.

Want to help support PARL?  Check them out at or make a purchase at  We here at Feed the Breed hope to continue to work with and donate to PARL for years to come.

Love a Bull Terrier Clothing!

Time to show off your love of bull terriers with this “Love-a-Bull” themed shirt design.  Currently available in men’s & women’s tees (and hoodies) in several sizes and colors!  Buy it right now, right here —>

Feed the Breed is your one-stop shop for everything bull terrier and more!  Keep checking back for more bull terrier clothing and designs!  Each item sold on our web site will help feed up to 19 rescue dogs across the US!